Activities - Patent Box and intangible assets optimisation

Patent Box and intangible assets optimisation

The optimisation of the various categories of intangibles that a company possesses and exploits in its business is a critical factor for success and development. It is therefore a strategic imperative to carefully detect and review all regimes and options offered by the countries in which the company operates.

Main activities:

  • Mapping of productive processes and of intangible assets with high added value
  • Verification of requirements in order to benefit from the incentives for R&D activities (e.g., tax credits for R&D activity, Patent Box, hyper- and super-depreciation, etc.)
  • Estimation of fiscal benefits and economic-financial impact for the company
  • Preparation of explanatory briefs and related negotiation with the competent tax office of the Italian tax authorities (i.e., in case of Patent Box).
  • Implementation of tracking & tracing systems of R&D activities
  • Identification (incl. via Nexia International member firms) of incentives for R&D activities in other countries, together with internationalisation plans and/or business development on foreign markets

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